Preliminary Practices

Preliminary Practices

GOAL:  The ability of integrating, to the practice of all the arts, an emotional, loving and self loving harmonious state of self awareness and presence integrated to life and nature principles. Read as movement, action, in the presence of the sounding emotion and feeling of our heart, in prime self union.

The successful mastery of these practices will tested in the field of application, under real conditions, and signed with the 9 Belts.

The following 9 preliminary practices will be thought

0.Prime breathing, Emotional self-transformation:  Meditation practice for open and purification of the heart. Prime Meditation ( 9 Levels of Practice)

1.History of the art of peace, applied by prime do warriors in all cultures of human history.

2.Principles of nature applied to the sustainability of life, The 9 elements.

3.Heart based consciousness, organic sounding light presence in the prime heart

4.Non verbal communication & emotional sound based communication.

5.Sword Katas, as non violence practice (NVP).

6.Bow Katas as non violence practice (NVP).

7.Body Katas as non violence practice (NVP).

8.Prime Shield 9 (Emotional Shield Technology)

9.Practices of all the arts: healing, self healing, gardening, arts of color, form and sound, dance, symbolic language, sacred love, family and culture care, sustainable living applied for daily life, family and business..

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