The trainer, coach has made available several publications and presentations, for the enjoyment, study and interest of the customers.

  • Prime Do, a martial arts for peace
  • Prime Yoga, a new approach to yoga, meditation and emotional intelligence
  • The art of war, the art of peace, the art of life, the art of family, culture and civilization development
  • Influences of hormonal changes in emotions, perception, decision making and strategic thinking abilities in women, an the impact in their love relationships, family and business.
  • Matrix-Q Intelligence, the ability to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously.
  • Matrix thinking and matrix perception, applied to strategic management, self-management, leadership, governance.
  • The 9 elements and the heart, The Sleipnir Diary, The 9 Primordial Keys
  • Human Potential 9 Stages of Development.
  • The Primordial Archetypes
  • The 9 Steps Programs, the 9 Primordial Principles.

For publications and presentations (18 Presentations of Know How Developed by the The Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Division Research, Innovation, Education  The e-Library ) please contact the author. Gamified Experiential Presentations are provided in Rhenen, (3 hours or full day) and Online.

Some of our suggested publications:



Prime Do Matrix-Q Martial Arts – The 9 Primordial Arts & The 9 Cyphers – Primordial Mathematics & Primordial Algorithms:

Available for Download at Gumroad :


The Primordial Human Algorithm). The Dance of the 9 Primordial Pillars on @Gumroad








Prime Do, The Path of the Primordial Hero

Available for Download at Gumroad :

82.Pgs. PDF

“Prime do is a practice dedicated to peace through self-transformation. Its core practice is of alchemy of agression, violence and confussion, into peace, self-love, love and bliss. As a practice dedicated to peace and non violence, it helps martial arts practitioners, peace workers, non violence practitioners, and business people to engage into strategies and decision making anchored in a peaceful blissfull heart. “







The Sun, The Moon & The Heart

Available for Download at Gumroad.

350. Pgs PDF

The Sun, The Moon & The Heart, e-book, 350 pgs. suggests practical methods for self-assessment, experiential practices, models for analysis, and information, that is dedicated to support couples, parents and single women, in the process of harnessing the influences of the menstrual cycle hormonal changes on their abilities for communication, collaboration and cocreation of their life path, love relationship, family and professional development.

The hormonal changes influence profoundly women, and creates at least 3 types of phases, along the menstrual cycle, that for men and women, may be challenging to cope with, and are cause of tension in their relationships, or in the case of singles, in their daily life.

Through the information, suggestions, experiences and methods suggested in this e-book, the readers will be able to harness that influence in turn it on their own favor. Make out of a “weakness, threat” on their relationship or self-management skills, a strength and opportunity for the development of a sustainable love relationship, successful parenting or balanced holistic professional life.



The 9 Elements & The Heart

A systemic, holistic and synergetic method of assessment and self-assessment, which is helpful for the purpose of perception and organization of human, natural and artificial phenomena.

Book 01:  Decision making, perception, emotional intelligence, symbolic language and the elements: water, earth & fire. PDF. 140 Pgs. For Download at Gumroad 

Book 02: The Assessment Method, Gamified Quantification of the Human Value.  PDF. 107 Pgs. For Download at Gumroad







The Journey of the Primordial Hero

The Primordial Archetypes of Sound, presented through a music composition.

For Download at Gumroad

PDF 12 Pages

The book focus on  the idea of being a traveler, in own journey is present in almost every tradition, culture or tribe around the world. a traveler may be a hero, in the search of own destiny. through that search, the hero see own self, and make a choice, to deep into the unknown regions of own nature. while conquering fear, in the process of facing own reality, the hero reaches a state of honest self-perception, and becomes ready for the journey, the journey to the destination set within own heart.





Matrix Thinking & Matrix Perception (Epistemology)

For Download at Gumroad

PDF 82 Pgs

The following article has been created as a guide for the purpose of facilitating presentations on Primordial Technology Theta Methods and Trainings.

The article/presentation focus on the importance of emotional intelligence and perception for scientific research, as well on the use of primordial vectorial mathematics. In particular this presentation will be dedicated to matrix perception and matrix thinking.






The Primordial Archetypes of Water

Available for Download at Gumroad

PDF 7 Pages

The purpose of this book is to present the generation of the primordial archetypes of water only.

The relationship between time, emotions, process management, emotional self-management and management will not be described in this book.






  The 9 Families & The Primordial Art of Risk Management

PDF 134 Pages

Available for Download at Gumroad

The study of the 9 families, for risk management is paramount. so as well the study of the primordial archetypes , the hero that takes the risks and solve the unexpected circumstances about to take place. The wise traveler and hero takes time for assessment of risk, and is alert, prepared in every single breath for making a choice, in one instant, which will change own destiny for ever.






The Art of War 

PDF 414. Pages

Available for Download at Lulu

The Art of War, is the synthesis of the Sacred Warrior series of books written by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. Five complete books are also included in this edition: Blue Star Warrior, The Self Transformation Pathway, The Sacred Warrior and the Inner Sword, Symbolic Stories, Poetry, Quotes, Workbooks and references to videos and books by the same author.

The Master Sun Tzu brought principles of sustainable living into the field of war when the conditions present in his land and time brought him(his land)to a point of organic survival limit. The art of war have been studied not only by master Sun Tzu,but by many wise men along earth history, like Bruce Lee,Carlo Magno,Saladin,Napoleon,Julio Cesar,Theodor the Great,Gengis Khan & others.It has been applied along human history by politicians,business people,scientist,spiritual circles and religions.



The 9 Divine Worlds of Primordial Mathematics

PDF 156 Pgs.

Available for Download at Lulu

The third book of the primordial art of mathematics focus on vectors, vectors calculations: the pathways of the 9 divine worlds, to later extensively demonstrate the generation of the 9 divine worlds. As well complementary publications will be suggested in which the primordial vectorial mathematics will be applied for example for the study of history, strategic management, preventive health, performing arts, matrix perception, matrix thinking, training of the matrix-Q (Matrix intelligence).