Exams, Certificates, Licenses

Along the practice of Prime Do and the 9 Primordial Arts, students become eligible for a Belt, if have reached a particular rank or level of performance, ability to apply knowledge, techniques, at certain level of impact or for a precise set of circumstances and conditions.


Are offered after completion of a course or season of training (3 months) under student request. Includes level of application reached, rank and suggestions for the next level of achievements.


In order to receive a Prime Do Belt, students need to be first invited by the trainer to take an exam.

In general students will have one season to prepare themselves for the exam (3 months) in theory, practice, by review of the ir own diary of experiences, by receiving coaching and mentoring from their trainer.

The exam is designed as a sequences of challenges and circumstances in which the students must apply their achieved knowledge and developed skills

After the exam, a “traditional’ Prime Do ceremony will be held for students and their guests, along which the Belt and new rank will be given.

If a student does not join the practice for 3 consecutive seasons, must be re-eveluated in their skills at the fourth season of the year or at least once a year at a gathering of Prime Do Belts. Along this gathering students will receive an upgrade in knowledge and techniques, new advancements in Research by The Matrix-Q Research Institute regarding Prime Do & the 9 Primordial Arts


In order to become a Prime Do Trainer it is necessary a student have a rank and experience enough for a Black Belt, and completed a training program for trainers.

The basic training program for trainers focus on:

  • Matrix-Q Education Method
  • Matrix-Q Brain GYM
  • Matrix-Q Algorithms
  • Matrix-Q Coaching Skills and Methods
  • Matrix-Q Trainer Skills and Methods
  • and other topics of relevance according to the level of trainer the license will be given.

The level of the trainer for which the license will be given, as well as the responsibilities the trainer will be authorized to take over along training sessions, described by the respective trainer certificates and licenses :

  • 0.U-Xi-D-Xi
  • 1.Student
  • 2.Assistant
  • 3.Trainer Assistant
  • 4.Trainer
  • 5.Master Assistant
  • 6.Master: Trainer of trainers
  • 7.Grand Master Assistant
  • 8.Grand Master: Trainer of Masters
  • 9.Prime Master Assistant
  • Ɵ. Prime Master: Trainer of Grand Masters