The 9 Primordial Tigresses

The 9 Primordial Tigresses

Unleash your nature with a leisure training program dedicated to keep yourself fit and healthy, an experience that will bring to you fun, happiness and joy.

The 09 Primordial Tigresses is a fitness and leisure gamified training program designed to empower women.

The training is provided in the Forest of Rhenen, the Netherlands.

Gamified Experiential Leisure Training Program

  • Focus: Fitness, Stress Management, Body & Emotional Awareness, Burnout Prevention
  • Content: Inspired by the Female Tiger, symbol of harmony with nature, strength and vitality. Find balance through the practice of essential techniques (yoga, martial arts, sensory awareness, conscious breathing, brain gym) combined with a fitness training.
  • Goal: To achieve body and emotions to work together. Important skills will be developed: Self-regeneration, focus, concentration, endurance, awareness, emotional intelligence and stress release abilities will be developed. You will feel stronger, full of vitality, fit and happier and on top of all loose your extra kilos.
  • Only for Women: The training program focuses on women empowerment: encourage balance between female and male qualities, bring women into the flow of their own inner power. The Female Tiger is a symbol of life protecting, harmony with nature, strength, tenderness and grace. The tigress inspires children and adults with her unique qualities to develop the beauty, strength and awareness of a mother tigress.

A Gamified Training Session

45 min – 90 min sequence of exercises in the following fields:

. warm up
. jogging
. stretching
. yoga
. conscious breathing
. stress management, emotional self-management, emotional intelligence
. brain gym (Synch left and right brain hemispheres, activity coordination)
. soft martial arts (self-defense)
. sword, long stick practices (once per week only, optional)

A 9 Steps Fitness & Leisure Training Program

Attendees complete skills learning one by one the 9 Primordial Principles (Levels) for fitness, health, happiness and joy.

At the 9 Primordial Tigresses Training program, the 9 primordial Principles follow the reference of the art of living of the Tigress and her inspiring guidance of the archetype of a peaceful non violent female warrior.