Prime Do, Peace & Non Violence

The training program focus on the development of skills on emotional self-management, aggression control, focus, non violence, through the practice of Prime Do and the 9 Primordial Arts.

  • Violence is expressed not only through the body, but as well through emotions, intentions, strategies, language, mind, actions, decisions.
  • Non violence should be an integral whole being state of presence, an holistic skill.
  • Students will join Prime Do Training and focus on several practices of the 9 primordial arts in particular emotional self-management, primordial breathing, decision making.
  • A key for the study of Prime Do non violence is the method of learning on non violence by utilizing weapons. Weapons training and non violence skills, are for prime do, on single training. The perception of a weapon needs to change as for life protecting tool to be mastered in a non violent and non destructive approach, for which a set of values and emotional self-management skills are necessary, which is the focus on Prime Do.

Optional: Volunteer or collaborate in the peace project PRIME PAX.