Prime Do – The Primordial Weapons

The training includes the foundation on Prime Do Principles for the use of weapons.

Weapons to be learned according to level of expertise and capacity of responsible application of knowledge and skills:

  • Sword ( a bambu stick or wood stick or a bokken will be used for training )
  • Knife ( a small wood stick, as for a tantō will be used for training)
  • Long Stick ( a bambu stick or wood stick will be used for training)
  • Bow ( a professional modern bow will be used for training, and only if the right bow training installations, venue, is available)
  • Other weapons will be discussed and eventually demonstrated.

The goal of weapons training is to develop non violence skills. A special method that is the foundation of Prime Do training and Prime Do Principles, bring by to the students the ability of emotional self-management, non violence. This special training is done by the use of weapons.

If the student wishes to focus more on applications of Prime Do for non violence and peace there is a special training with that focus.

If the student would like to learn the principles and foundation skills for the use of Prime Do – Primordial weapons -, then the course described in this page is ideal