Prime Do Katas

Prime Do Kata is a sequence of steps or movements pre-designed for the purpose of training on specific principles or Prime Do Foundation Skills, and by applying a particular Prime Do Algorithm and by observing the 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy.

  • A Prime Do Kata is described through a geometric value, cyphers, frequencies and movements. (See our new book: Matrix-Q Martial Arts).
  • There are several geometric values, seals, and combinations, sequences, series, cyphers and algorithms that a Prime Do Kata may describe.
  • A Prime Do Kata can be utilized as well as a reference for any of the 9 Primordial Arts, as for example for a performing arts production, for communication, education, strategic thinking or as a Matrix-Q Brain gym for example.


The 36 steps Prime Do Kata is one of the first katas the Prime Do Students will learn. The kata algorithm is based on the Fibbonaci Series transformed into cyphers by a Matrix-Q Method, which suggests there are 36 cyphers that will repeat themselves as a pattern, a pattern hidden within the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. [ The Primordial Sequence of Time – Matrix-Q Research Institute Magazine]

The 36 steps Prime Do Kata, is a complete learning process on the 9 fundamental cyphers of Prime Do, and their principles: The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, happiness and joy!


  • It includes a set of 9 katas, including the Kata 36.
  • This course is not only for prime do martial arts, but for practice of the 9 primordial arts.
  • For Prime Do Belt students, along the coaching and mentoring sessions, special Prime Do Katas will be given as tasks for their exams. There are Prime Do Katas that will be thought only to students that intent to achieve skills and rank necessary to become a Prime Do Trainer.  It means that this course is not mandatory for Prime Do Belt students and candidates to trainers.


The Tones, Frequencies of a Prime Do kata will be played for the students to know which cypher they must do a movement with.
While techniques will vary, according to terrain or practitioner skill, or tools utilized for the practice, the algorithm stays in its essential primordial form, and sequence of cyphers.
This characteristic of the PT-Theta Kata, make it possible for all martial arts, all forms, of yoga and meditation, performing arts methods, to practice the kata. In that sense it is an inclusive know how, that embraces all the arts and forms of knowledge and application of knowledge.
Currently the Kata Ɵ.83783.738.473.748.Ɵ is being practices outdoors in the forest of  Rhenen city, in the Netherlands.


SunDanceTheta-PrimeDo.Kata.Ɵ.83783.738.473.748.Ɵ from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.